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Campus Crest is redefining student housing with luxe amenities

College life is challenging enough in itself, high-quality living spaces is a must for students. And we’re not talking about going to in-campus dormitories or frat/sorority houses for comfort.

This kind of student housing is nothing like your dorm, mom and dad. We’re talking about luxury dorms with upscale amenities such as rooftop pool, tanning bed, firepit and gym.

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Campus Crest‘s the Copper Beech brand offer town homes that target seniors and grad students. The Grove brand targets sophomores and juniors, with traditional apartment floor plans and a residence life program with its own resident assistant, or RA, system. Campus Crest’s RAs are officially called community assistants, or more affectionately “rock stars.” The company has 86 student housing properties and more than 45,205 beds across the U.S.

The price tag? An average of $500 a month for a three bedroom unit. That is inclusive of furnishing, full use of facilities, utilities and internet access.

Students are raving about other “awesome” features such as privacy, personal closet, printing in the library, volleyball and basketball courts and pet-friendly atmosphere.

With 85 properties across the US, Campus Crest is giving college students the option to live the life of luxury while working hard to get a degree.



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