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Gulfstream G650 is taking speed and luxury to China

The Gulfstream G650 is the latest business jet that is said to have caught the eyes of the companies Nike, Disney and F1 business magnate Bernie Ecclestone.

According to www.edition.cnn.com:

“It’s the billionaires’ equivalent of lining up all night for the new iPhone. Multinational corporations and the ultra-rich are racing to get their hands on a Gulfstream 650, the newest and most envy-inducing private jet on the market. Order one tomorrow, plunk down $65M and you’ll see your plane in 2017.”

G650 is also getting a growing audience with the Chinese businessmen such as Wang Jianlin this 2013. The private business aircrafts operating in China have only risen since the year 2009, as the number of airports and landing points grew and the demand from wealthy business owners rose.

The charm of Gulfstream G650 is in its size, speed, range and luxurious interiors. G650 has an MMO (Maximum Operating Mach Number) of Mach 0.925, which is close to the speed of sound. It can carry about 8-18 people and has a range of 7,000 nautical miles. It also comes with the most technologically advanced safety features and a customizable cabin environment. The 200 orders so far have different cabin configurations selected from 12 floor plan choices to suit the business jet’s mission.

With its great specifications, Gulfstream G650 is the top choice of luxurious business jet. Given its performance, advanced technological features and sleek design, would you get it for $65M?




Photo credits: www.gulfstream.com

Final Thoughts

Gulfstream G650 is currently the top of the line business jet available in the market. It has the best size, speed and range to add to its luxurious customizable interiors. G650 will soon take flight in China. Will you get yours for $65 Million?

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