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Selfridges, London debuts the world’s first Moët & Chandon vending machine

It seems that the manufacturers of upscale items are bringing opulence closer to everyone’s fingertips. The convenience of the vending machine and the love for luxury come together in more and more items each year.


After caviar, cupcakes and high-end mascara, now there’s a vending machine selling bottles of luxury bubbly by Moët  & Chandon.

The Moët  & Chandon vending machine can be found at the 4th floor Christmas section of Selfridges in London. The vending machine itself is wrapped in gold and its contents are pure bliss of bubbly mini bottles decked with 350 art deco-inspired Swarovski crystals.

All it takes is one press of the red Moët seal and the golden arm selects the bottle then delivers it to a cylindrical window. Each 200 mL Moët mini is £17.99 each or roughly $29.



Photo credits: and Moet-Chandon Instagram

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Care for a Moet & Chandon with just one press of a button?

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