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Lindt sees growth in demand for luxury chocolates

As Charles M. Schulz once said“All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.” Chocolate is considered to be one of the most loved comfort food all over the world. It is not just for Valentine’s Day or those kinds of special occasions, chocolates, especially the dark kind has been known to have health benefits too. One of the top brands in luxury chocolate is Lindt. The Swiss company has been around since 1845 and it seems to keep growing stronger despite the high costs of cocoa.

According to reuters.com:

Growing demand for luxury chocolates in Europe and increasingly the Americas and Asia should help Lindt & Spruengli to grow sales and profit margins this year, despite high cocoa prices, it said on Tuesday.

The Swiss maker of Lindor chocolate balls and gold foil- wrapped chocolate bunnies posted a 23.7 percent rise in 2013 net profit, and confirmed its long-term goals for 6-8 percent sales growth and a 20-40 basis point improvement in operating margin.

Last year, chocolate makers experienced quite the sluggish growth especially since there was a rise in the cost of raw materials and pressure from retailers to keep the prices affordable. Thankfully, Lindt has been doing okay thanks to the consumer demand for affordable luxury and the growing sales in gourmet chocolate in Europe and the Americas since January.



Packages of Diva chocolate truffles of Swiss chocolatier Lindt & Spruengli are displayed during the company's annual news conference in Kilchberg


Photo credits: www.lindt.ca

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