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MBFW: Highlighting 7 High- End luxury fashion+luxury automaker collaborations

Glamour is now banging the walls of New York city in soft clamor. It shouldn’t be a doubt as New York City Fashion Week is now on. This week, popularly know as the Mercedes- Benz Fashion Week (MBFW),  is the prestigious presentation of the the most awaited collaboration of companies known for their great aptitude in producing luxurious products– luxury wheels and fashion items.

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there is an overt confluence between the world of high-end luxury clothing and high-end luxury automakers—both cohorts pursue the same upscale consumers. The overlap often results in examples like this MBFW, in which an automotive brand sponsors a fashionable event. Alternately, it can also result in a car company hiring a famed fashion designer to create a special edition of one of their vehicles, as recently occurred with Land Rover and Victoria Beckham, Chrysler and John Varvatos, and Maserati and Ermenegildo Zegna, among others.

The point of intersection of these these two cohorts lead into creation of the following inevitable wears and body accessories.

Bentley Handbags

Drive a Bentley? Or carry a Bentley? Why not both as Bentley introduces their new line of bags called Barnato. This particular fine line of Bentley accessory was named after the heiress of Bentley Motors chairman Woolf Barnato who is Diana Bornato. How much? Prepare at least $7,000 so you won’t be short when shopping for a Bentley bag.



Bugatti clothing and accessories

If you are looking for the so -called French sophistication and grace, never miss cashmere tuxedos worth $4,500 each. Your mode will never be passé with their blue- themed attaché, purses, and belts made in crocodile leather. For added flair, add the uber expensive Bugatti belt as well?

Ferrari Pr1ma Outerwear and Casual Wear

What do you call the opposite of prima donna? It’s Ferrari Pr1ma. Well, not really ’cause this new line of outwear is not just for boys but for the gals as well. Take the lead in the race as you confidently wear classic a Ferrari wear which ranges around $2,000 to $2,700.

Lotus Heritage Collection Clothing and Accessories

Subtle jacket designs for alpha males who are so agile and make every woman’s heart beats fast. Of course, these kind of fashion wears being modeled by famous, and handsome vintage car models, are no no… no no for a rejection.


Porsche Men and Women’s Fashion and Accessories

Elegance and purity- that should struck your mind the moment you see the clothing line of Porsche. Porsche heeded the shout of Feminism as they made high- end fashion items and accessories that will be enjoyed both sexes. (1)

Rolls Royce Accessories

Roll Royce ties (imagine $88 hanging around you neck), Rolls Royce bags, Rolls Royce car… heaven. Heaven when you have designer items, from head to toe, from wear to rear, that makes you feel like the symbol of Rolls Royce which is a fairy-like ready for a fly.

Aston Martin

Who said fashion is rated “for adults only?” And who said luxury is only for the grown ups? Aston Martin decided to highlight kids on the show, making people realize that fashion and cars are also deserved by the kids. Since you’re spending the bucks on cars parents, why not splash a few more like $150 for a dress shirt and $425 for a wool coat for the little ones?

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