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Luxury Sunglasses ready for Spring

The sun is shining through, ready for spring and summer fun, and everyone is getting ready, including Aston Martin and Marma. Aston Martin, the British luxury automobile company, and Marma, a luxury eyewear brand of London, have teamed up to design a Spring/Summer collection of sunglasses for the 2015 season. The collection is made up of 36 pieces, each a handcrafted, simply stylish, and master blend of both brands.

Aston Martin has a long line of styles and accessories in their Lifestyle collection. They’ve previously collaborated with many top names, including Audiomoda, Parkerson, Grant MacDonald, FPM, and Jaeger-LeCoultre. Adding the luxury eyewear company Marma to the mix is a smart choice. Marma is an eyepiece genius, incorporating beautiful Italian designs with high-tech lenses. They know, like Aston Martin, how to meet the luxury consumer’s tremendous standards. Katia Bassi, Aston Martin brands director, had to say,

Marma luxury eyewear is a perfect complement to our luxury sports cars and both share the same attributes of superb style and excellent performance.”

The 36 piece collection is comprised of 6 frame options. Each frame comes in 6 different colors. Only the highest quality materials are used in the manufacturing process, and each pair is handcrafted by expert Italian craftsmen in the traditional fashion. High-tech lenses, timeless designs, and stunning colors are combined to make a pair of Marmas. You can check out all the options online, but they are only available for purchase in store. Senior account executive Tina Masciadrelli of The O Group believes this match has some positive potential,

Aston Martin and Marma sunglasses are two brands that align on values of timeless design, unrivaled craftsmanship and cutting edge technology.”

While you’re checking out the full Aston Martin collection on Marma’s website, you can also look at their other lines, read their story, or find a store near you. Luxury Daily and Auto Evolution have the full scoop. Check out what Aston Martin is currently working on at their site. What do you think of the new collection? What’s your favorite frame style? Tell us your thoughts in the comments down below. Like the article, rate and share!








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