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Funky Fashion with Luxury Linens

Looking for something fashionable and luxurious to pull over your feet? Maybe you’re looking to make a statement with your shins in the most sumptuous way. Regardless of your goals or desires, hands (and feet) down, these new designer socks, created through a collaboration of Manolo Blahnik and Falke, are chic and comfortable.

Manolo Blahnik is a luxury shoe brand, named after Spanish creator Manuel ManoloBlahnik Rodríguez. Manolo has always been a fan of the so-called “statement sock.” The Blahnik’s hosted a dinner, one guest was Kristina Falke, Thursday night in London. They discussed, detailed, and collaborated the “old-fashioned” way; without lawyers and contracts. Kristina Blahnik, niece of the genius shoe designer had this to say,

He wanted pompoms, he wanted dots – and now we’ll all be wearing them. We wanted to do something that was not shoes – and that was a bit of a laugh. It’s all about the pink pompom really.”

Falke, the German maker of exquisite and exclusive hosiery, lingerie, underwear, clothing and apparel, is just as excited to work with Blahnik. The dinner décor Thursday punctuated the pompom theme. Bright pink carnations were arranged to looks like the pompom dangles of the socks. They had special menus printed up with the place cards to feature fat pink dots. The art work was very focused too – Kristina Blahnik’s legs sporting the new socks. The International PR Director of Falk said,

We’re a family owned company, too, and just happy to work with Manolo Blahnik.”

Funky pompoms and vibrant colors included, this collection features designs and styles that were inspired by memories of Blahnik’s past. The pink pompoms are attached to a ribbed, gray, crew-cut sock. This style was derived from the curtains in Blahnik’s home on the Canary Islands. One of the dresses his mother was fond of was the inspiration for the fuchsia-spotted, pink sock. His family’s favorite pastime was tennis. The last sock’s design is an ivory, sporty sock with Blahnik’s personal motto, “Keep Going”, that pays homage to this family-loved activity.

The luxury collection will be exclusive. Only a limited run of each special-edition will be released. The first collection is composed of three unisex styles. Each styles will feature unique colors, textures, and details. The only place to snag a pair (or more) of these stylish socks is becauselondon.com, the e-shop of the London magazine Because. Available March 26, the socks cost $37 plus shipping fees. International shipping is available too. You can get the full scoop over at Foot Wear News. Check out the Manolo Blahnik and Falke websites to see all their current products and learn about the companies. What do you think of these contemporary foot covers? Would you wear socks with heels? Let us know in the comments down below! Share, rate, and subscribe for all the latest in luxury news.

"Keep Going"

“Keep Going”






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