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Coach Stressed American Luxury with its Autumn/Winter 2014 Collection

Coach craftsmanship started from noble yet skillful hands of six artisans from Manhattan. Producing upright leather wears was the owner’s sole purpose during that time. The magical materialization of the such leather goods passed on from generation to generation.

And now, Coach has defined itself and created its own space in American design and style. Having full grasp of American culture, Coach had launched a collection of leather suits, fur jackets, brimmed hats,hand bags and shoes. All comprise that of American luxury.

According to nytimes.com:

“It is about rediscovering what is unique about Coach, and that led me straight to America. I did not want to do a version of European luxury,” said Mr. Vevers, who even went to a work apparel factory in Tennessee to understand how authentic uniforms were crafted, and then found himself cutting up and remaking classic pieces with different proportions.

Freedom of spirit and of function. Being inspired by those deep words, Mr. Vevers was able to create a clothing line that suits well with a real leather brand. From creative sketching of such clothes, drawing patterns, to cutting and stitching rolls of cloths, he was able to put into reality the perceived success  of the luxury business especially in the fashion industry.

Simple pieces but are modern, modest yet standout. These are the kinds of clothes a typical American would love from Coach.




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