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Rolls-Royce combines history and luxury with the Bespoke Chicane Phantom Coupe

With many choices for automobiles in the luxury car market, car makers are getting more keen about the details to set their models apart from all the rest. And this is what Rolls-Royce is trying to drive at with the launch of the luxurious Bespoke Chicane Phantom Coupe.

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Influenced by goodwood’s rich motor history, rolls-royce has introduced the one-of-a-kind bespoke chicane phantom coupé. alluding to advanced composites used in high-performance race cars, the handcrafted luxury vehicle references design cues and materials from the historic circuit.

Rolls-Royce’s Bespoke Chicane Phantom Coupe said to pay homage to the heritage of the Goodwood racetrack while making use of modern details and high-end materials. Here are its highlights:

  • interior with huge carbon-fiber surfaces
  • a “power meter” that shows the engine’s available power reserve
  • Starlight headliner with LEDs look like the stars
  • Gunmetal exterior paint
  • colored wheels that match the main exterior paint finish
  • chequered flag motif stitching to the seats
  • metal plaque with the car’s name
  • Goodwood’s racetrack layout in the glove compartment




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