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Mercedes-Benz announces partnership with Pebble for special smartwatch features

There has been a lot of buzz about how car companies are improving their technology to match the rapidly changing clamor for mobility, easy accessibility and the “app-driven” generation of innovations. Because of this, Mercedes-Benz has taken a big step and partnered with Pebble Technology.

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It’s taken two decades, but Mercedes is finally starting to show some results from its years of tech toil – tangible ones, at least. The new Pebble Technology smartwatch that runs the Mercedes Digital DriveStyle app is the perfect example.
Now partnered with Pebble Technology, Mercedes has reworked its Digital DriveStyle app to seamlessly integrate with the Pebble smartwatch, which will be on display at CES 2014.

The Pebble smartwatch is said to act as a “second screen” for your smartphone. Here are the things that the smartwatch from can do:

  • V2V technology that keep driver updated on accidents, stalled vehicles, road constructions by vibrating the watch
  • DriveStyle features that give alerts on auto-routing and hazards, Siri activation an remote-controlling media
  • access vehicle information like door-lock status, vehicle location and fuel level


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