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Little Car, Lots of Luxury

Great things come in small packages. At least this adage is true for Audi’s smallest SUV, the Q3. Introduced in 2012, this sure-footed roadster quickly became a global favorite, especially in Australia. Audi has chosen to launch this year’s model, the 2015 Q3, from southern Germany, close to the Austrian border. Most competitors would shirk at the sub-zero temperatures, rampant black ice, and snow topped mountain roads, but Audi isn’t worried. In fact, they hope to showcase the vehicle’s dynamic ability to handle more than city streets with ease and flair.

Audi hasn’t changed much in respect to design – they know when they’re on to something. The 2015 Q3’s engines have been updated, powered by the roaring 2.0 liter TFSI engine. Audi, the first manufacturer in the world to build a turbocharged direct injection engine, hasn’t stopped improving since they first broke from tradition. The Audi TSFI uses forced induction supercharging, also known as turbocharging, along with direct injection. This creates a responsive, more efficient vehicle with superior power output. You can feel the difference in the powerful thrust and feel good about lower emissions.

The TSFI engine can’t take all the credit for the Q3’s high performance and adroit maneuverability, the S-tronic Transmission is also essential. The seven-speed, dual-clutch transmission is truly an engineering marvel. S-tronic blends the advantages of an automatic with the classic characteristics of a manual. Gear changes within the gearbox are executed quickly and effortlessly. Easily switch from fully automatic to manual mode, and back again, by the gearshift paddles located on the steering wheel. The S-tronic’s dual clutch is the technical wizard behind it all. Each clutch is always working; one is set for odd-numbered gears and reverse, while the other engages the evens. When in motion, one gear is in operation while the other is in a pre-selection mode, ready to shift power in a moments notice. This makes for nearly seamless shifting. S-tronic shifts in less than 0.2 seconds with no break in power. Combined, the engine and transmission give the driver unmatched responsiveness and a luxury force to be reckoned with.


No more will the Q3 be typecast as a city street courier, though it will always reign supreme of metropolitan motor vehicles. The all-wheel drive system is cleverly designed, welcoming drivers to back roads and unbeaten paths, as well as reducing slippage in inclement weather and hazardous conditions. Audi has also implemented a hill descent control function making for safer travels down the slopes. The Q3 is a reasonably high-rider, with clearance enough for most obstacles, and has a remarkably narrow turning radius. Audi’s little SUV is tremendous – as luxurious as it is sophisticated.

Inside, the Q3 has discarded all the outmoded technology from previous models and “sibling” vehicles, opting for fresh and functional features like climate control, reverse camera, side assist, and parking senors on both front and rear ends of the car. Audi designed the interior with a minimalistic, but elegant, theme. The panels are coherent and classy, harmonizing well with the beautiful trimmings and dash. Both surfaces are adorned with soft-touch materials on contact points. Leather seats are roomy and luxurious, and the rear seat is incredibly spacious. MMI navigation with voice control system comes with 2015 Q3, and it is fully integrated with a dynamic BOSE sound system.

There are plenty of extra special features, packages, and add-ons available for the Audi 2015 Q3. The Premium Plus starts at $32,500 and comes with a panoramic sunroof and Xenon plus headlights, while the Prestige offers heated mirrors and driver’s seat as well as a dual moonroof for only $36,400. Head over to the Q3 Crossover page to find out more, or check out Audi USA to see all the latest models. Sam Hall of Drive, Australia, had the chance to test out the Q3 in all it’s glory. For more photos, specs, and Sam’s review check out the article. What’s your favorite feature of the Q3? Are you an SUV fan? Let us know what you think down below. Remember to rate, like, and share!






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