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It just keeps getting better: BMW i8 will soon be the coolest green car around with its laser headlights

BMW is clearly gunning for the best in technology and unique features in their cars. In addition to the cool and distinct angel eyes of the BMWs, the German automaker has a new offering—-laser headlights.

According to motorauthority.com:

BMW’s cars already have a distinctive look in your rear-view mirror with their angel-eye headlights and that view will soon start to look even more distinct. That’s because the automaker is now offering new laser headlights on its cars, starting with the 2015 i8 sports car which has just entered production and due on sale later this year priced from $135,925 with shipping.

The 2015 BMW i8 sports car has just entered into production and it will be the first model to have laser headlights starting this autumn. Aside from the fact that laser lights look way cooler, what’s all the  fuss about? Well, laser lights is considered one of the best in lighting technology on cars these days because it offers several advantages:

  • Laser light produces monochromatic light, reaching as far as 600 meters (double that of LEDs)
  • The beam from laser lights can easily, precisely and safely be controlled
  • Laser lights consume about 30% less energy than LEDs
  • Laser light units are 10x smaller and lighter so it saves on installation space

BMW is the first to actually offer the laser lighting in one of its cars. And with laser lights, the hybrid BMW i8 is foreseen to turn out to be awesome than it already is.

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Photo credits: www.bmwblog.com

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