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Hyundai reveals “AG”, their 3rd luxury sedan

Hyundai has been gaining momentum in the world market especially with its release of several luxury vehicles. And most recently, the Korean auto maker has unveiled the third luxury sedan with a code name “AG” at the Busan Motor Show.

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BUSAN, South Korea– Hyundai Motor Co. on Thursday unveiled a new luxury sedan aimed at halting the flow of customers to imported premium brands on the South Korean auto maker’s home turf.

Hyundai only revealed the exterior of the AG and reports have it that the engine size and other specifics will be unveiled in the coming months. Word has it that the AG would most likely have a 3-liter gasoline engine and 6-speed automatic transmission.

The Hyundai AG will have a price point in between the two popular sedans, the Grandeur and Genesis. At around 40 million Won or $39,136, the Hyundai AG would fall into the same range as Mercedes-Benz C-Class and BMW3 series.

But could it compete in sales? We’ll have to wait and see when Hyundai releases this luxury sedan late this year.



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