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David Beckham: Audi Q3s gifts for mom and mother-in-law, £30,000!

Isn’t it nice to be a family memeber of David Beckham?

David just purchased luxury vehicles for his mom and mother-in-law and is planning on giving all his loved ones similar expensive gifts in the near future.
David’s mother Sandra and Victoria’s mom Jacqueline both spend a lot of time with their grandchildren so why not give them back?
David has reportedly giving them £30,000 Audi Q3 model cars.


Audi Q3


According to TheSun:

They are gorgeous vehicles that Jackie and Sandra love, When you think about how important their families are to David and Vic, and how huge both their careers are, you can only begin to imagine the sort of work and commitment their parents put in over the years. From babysitting and international travel with zero notice to being counsellors for Posh and Becks when they couldn’t talk to any one else — their closest family have done it all.


David recently has retired from sports, so now that he is no longer on the playing field, he will put much of his energy into taking care of his family with lots of luxury presents.

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We like it when people take care of their families, what do you think about David?

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