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Cadillac Rolls Out the 2015 Escalade

Welcome the new 2015 Escalade by Cadillac. Renewed and improved, this beauty is sleek and sexy, while maintaining the iconic Escalade look. Cadillac, the proud makers of American luxury automobiles, kept the best of Escalade, redesigned a few parts, and revamped it with the latest and most advanced technology on the market.

Though this fourth-generation vehicle has gotten a sophisticated update, the new design is still completely recognizable. After a legacy of fifteen distinctive years, this year’s luxury SUV will surely set the new standard for high-tech, hand-tailored craftsmanship. Cadillac has a bright future ahead of them with the release of the elegant 2015 Escalade.

One of the big differences is in the headlamp design. Cadillac has upgraded to some futuristic light features; the full-LED lamps are high-tech and bold, with a vertical display. Total Internal Reflection LEDs are for using the high-beam function, the first in the industry on the market. It is made up of four crystal lenses and LEDS stacked vertically, while the low-beam function uses 5 LEDs and crystal lenses. The headlamp bezel is branded with the Cadillac logo.

The rear end is just as well lit and high-tech. The taillamps are comprised of tall and thin LEDs that stretch all the way to the top of the vehicle. They’re also embellished with the iconic brand symbol that illuminates the night. Those opting for extra luxury should choose the Premium Collection, featuring door handles illuminated by LED. Another edition variation includes the ESV, extended-length edition. It comes with a longer wheelbase and about 20 extra inches in length. This gives passengers in the third row the most amount of space, and adds almost 60% cargo space behind the third row, compared to the Escalade Standard.

2015 Escalade comes fully loaded with a new EcoTec 3 engine. This 2.6L V8 engine passes its predecessors in power and efficiency. This new component is matched only by the transmission. The Hydra-Matic 8L90 transmission is an eight-speed, automatic beauty, and is, of course, enhanced with TapShift control. Plus, the Magnetic Ride Control (MRC) that was once only available in Tour and Sport models, is now a standard feature. The MRC adds to precision and control to the driving performance.


The new Escalade also boasts a smoother ride with it’s updated chassis and suspension system. The frame is a full-box and composed of over 75% high-strength steel, making for a durable and solid base. Cadillac has been able to reduce vehicle vibrations by adding shear-style body mounts. They’ve also added a five-link/coil-spring rear suspension and a coil-over-shock front suspension, as well.

Escalade stands strong, especially with the improved, wider, rear track. Standard models come with 20” wheels, but 22” onces are also an option. New to the 2015 Escalade is a 9.5” rear axle and an automatic locking rear differential. This SUV more fuel efficient than previous models too, thanks to the electric variable-assist power steering system. It does this by tailoring steering assist to the vehicle’s current speed. Along with electric variable-assist, this model will feature StabiliTrak (electronic stability control), auto grade braking, and hill start assist. The brake system has also been revamped. Cadillac has incorporated four-wheel-disc brakes with Duralife rotors, as well as re-engineered pedal operations, for a double the life and better braking performance.

The inside is where the true luxury shines. The cabin is spacious, completely technically integrated, and sophisticated; truly a fine piece of craftsmanship. The dash is made up of a gorgeous, hi-res, 12.3” digital driver display, powered by Cadillac’s genius CUE infotainment system. This console is reconfigurable, as is the additional display. The second display is full-color, and shows other crucial data for the driver, like system information, navigation systems, Bluetooth, and audio details. It is adjusted through controls on the steering wheel.

The furnishings are cushy and luxurious. Real wood, premium materials, and suede accents take the traveler to a new place, without ever leaving the driveway. The lighting is ambient, accentuating the elegance of the interior. The seats have been remodeled too. They’ve gone with a more sculpted look, and made them way comfier. The seats have been designed with dual-firmness foam that will retain it’s shape and keep you comfy, even on extra-long trips. Driver and front passenger seats are equipped with heating and cooling functions. The front row doesn’t get all the luxury! The second row has heated bucket seats, and the third row can recline like everyone else. If you prefer a bench in the second seat, it is available with outboard heating and reclining functions as well.

As usual, this Cadillac 2015 Escalade is quality made, and a deluxe addition to the American automotive industry. You can get the full specs over at Green Bay Press Gazette. Visit the Cadillac website for all the information on the 2015 Escalade. You can also follow the company on their various social media accounts. Are you a fan of Escalade or the Cadillac brand? Have you ever driven one? Share your thoughts in the comments section.








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