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BMW & Porsche Make the Smart Move

Apple Watch has been hot in the market ever since their release earlier this year in March. As the biggest selling item to date for Apple, it’s no wonder car companies are getting on board. Tesla announced early on their plans to develop an app for the smartwatch that would enable owners higher functionality for their vehicles, though only a Beta app has been released so far. Now other elite automakers are embracing the technology, and developing apps of their own.

On Friday, Porsche declared their intent to create an Apple Watch app, and get into the smartwatch game. Porsche wasn’t the only company to make a statement, though. BMW also disclosed a bit about their smartwatch strategy. In their statement, BMW revealed some detailed about the Apple Watch app. The app is engineered for the i3 and i8, BMW’s two plug-in electric vehicles, and was featured in Apple’s debut presentation.

With these three heavy hitters in the auto industry and luxury world jumping into smartwatch technology, its only a matter of time before other automakers join in. Hyundai, working with Blue Link, is expecting to have an app out soon. Ford motor company has one in the works too. Alan Hall, Ford Spokesman says,

Nothing to share yet, but it’s some exciting stuff.”

Porsche had more to say about their Apple Watch app, claiming it would enable drivers the ability to control many of their vehicles functions remotely. The Porsche Car Connect app will let the user see if windows are rolled up, the sunroof is shut, the doors and trunk are closed, and if the vehicle is locked and secure. The watch app will also help guide the owner to their vehicle in a crowed lot via their wrist. If desired, the app will cause the horn and lights to flash when the wearer of the smartwatch is near. Porsche says,

Integrating the Apple Watch adds a new level of individuality and comfort to communication between driver and vehicle.”

Owners of a BMW i3 city car, or i8 hybrid sports car, will take pleasure knowing their Apple Watch app is available for free in the iTunes store. This app is unique, as its functions are designed around an electric car. The app will alert the wearer when their vehicle is finished charging, and how much battery charge is left when not on the charger.

BMW’s app is slightly more sophisticated than Porsche’s in respect to navigation. It will also guide an owner back to their vehicle, but it does one better! After parking, the BMW app can guide the wearer to their final destination on foot. The owner can also adjust cabin temperature from their Apple Watch – great for a cool down or a warm up after walking.

More apps are sure to come, and we’re excited to see the integration of technology and luxury. For more on this story, head over to USA Today. You can get all the specifics from Porsche and BMW. What do you think of these smartwatch apps? Do you want an app for your vehicle? Do you have one? What about a smartwatch? Tell us what you think in the comments! Rate, share, and subscribe and you’ll never be out of the luxury loop.

BMW Apple Watch App

BMW Apple Watch App


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Preset the interior temperature

Preset the interior temperature

Porsche Apple Watch App

Porsche Apple Watch App

Porsche Car Connect

Porsche Car Connect


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