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Audi Trunk Means No Signature

Audi, is teaming up with Amazon and shipping company DHL for a revolutionary way to deliver packages with “Audi Connect Easy Delivery”. Online ordering has taken over the market, and its no surprise. This convenience lets you skip the lines, the driving, and the people – your items are only a click away! Problems arise though, when you’re not a home to receive your special purchase. We don’t blame the carrier for not leaving that luxury item at the doorstep, but now there’s a better way!

Owners of an Audi luxury vehicle will never have to miss a delivery again. Audi has chosen to team up with Amazon, the market leader for online ordering, and DHL, an express deliver and international shipping company. This triple threat of a team has come up with the solution to missed packages. Luca de Meo, Audi board member spoke on the program,

With comprehensive connectivity, we are transforming the car into a service device and integrating it even more closely into the everyday lives of our customers. Audi Connect Easy Delivery helps save time and offers more convenience and flexibility, advantages that are increasingly important for the target group of a premium brand.”

Audis, parked at home or maybe at work, will receive the package via trunk if nobody is home to claim the prize. How? DHL carriers will be issued a temporary keyless authorization code, so they may open the trunk, leave the package, close it up, and be on their way. This method will save drivers time and the company money. Drivers won’t have to make a second trip for another attempt at delivery.

Will these codes work whenever? Not at all. The team has taken special precautions to keep this method secure. The code works only once, and is only active during a certain time period. After the trunk has been shut, the code expires and the Audi is locked and secure. Future plans include package pick up for Audi owners. They’ll be able to ship and receive all from the trunk of their car! The pilot program is said to launch next month in Munich, Germany.

For more information on this ultimate luxury delivery service, check out USA Today or WIRED. Head over to the Audi Media site for more specifics. What do you think of this new delivery method? Is it safe? Is it time saving? Do you drive an Audi? Does this make you want to? If you’re thinking of buying an Audi, the 2015 TTS Competition Edition would be a luxurious choice. Share your thoughts down in the comments section. Remember to rate, share, and subscribe for the latest in luxury.

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