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Ladies Only Luxury Liner

Watch out boys, pretty soon you’ll have some competition on the high seas! The luxury yacht and super-yacht business has catered to one sex for far too long, so the market is changing tides. The affluent women of the world have a flair for the elegant and fashionable. They can get their fill of luxury cosmetics and exclusive jewelry, but who will satisfy their taste for luxury on a grander scale?

The answer is interior designer Lidia Bersani. Though she doesn’t only cater to women Bersani is a master of the feminine design. Her work is characterized by warm elements, cozy fixtures, natural furs, and light colors. Located in Monte Carlo, Monaco, she serves clients internationally. Bersani specialized in the design of luxury apartments and homes, and now La Belle, the 260ft super-yacht.


Le Belle Conception

Most yachts are built when men in mind. A typical vessel might have kegs and pool tables, darts, with drab lighting. Dark colors and masculine décor are far from glamorous. La Belle, on the other hand, will be a beautiful boudoir, aimed to please and be plush. On board will be a lavish spa with saunas and a professional fitness center. There’s also a jacuzzi, snow room and hydro-massage pool to wind down after an intense workout. For entertainment you’ll be able to have a quiet night by the fireplace in the library, go dancing at the disco, catch a flick at the cinema, or grab a drink at one of the many bars.

This boat will be big! It will have the capacity to hold up to 12 guests, divided amongst 6 luxe suites. Most ships can’t hold that many plus the crew, and if they can, it’s with less than luxurious accommodations. La Belle will span across 5 decks, each with their own sunbathing and recreation areas. There will be deluxe swimming pool on the main deck, to enjoy the refreshing sea air and beautiful surroundings. A few dining areas are sprinkled throughout, as well as lounges, and live performance venues


Keeping with her sultry style, Bersani plans to bedeck the boat gold, crystals, furs, silks and flowers. Using creamy colors and aurelian accents, she brings warmth and class to the atmosphere. There will also be a great use of aromatics, to further please the feminine senses. Bersani isn’t stopping there, If the plans are set in motion an incredibly covetable gold helicopter will also be a part of the package (with a landing pad of the ship of course!)

While there is no set price, and it is not currently in development, it won’t stop you from checking it out. Take a peek at La Belle, or some of Lidia Bersani’s other work on her website. You can also read the full story from the Telegraph here.




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