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Kelly Rowland gets rescued from a luxury yacht mishap

Kelly Rowland, who rose to fame as one of the pioneer members of the group Destiny’s Child was recently rescued from a mishap in a luxury yacht.

Report from the US Coast Guard confirmed that Kelly Rowland was among the passengers aboard the private yacht that got escorted back to Cape Pod when its captain became disoriented.

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Lt. Ruairi White tells the Cape Cod Times that the boat’s captain was following a commercial whale-watching vessel Friday, lost sight of the boat and became disoriented north of Provincetown.

Luckily, the Coast Guard was able to triangulate the location of the yacht 33 miles north of Provincetown. With the help of a commercial towboat operator, the luxury vessel was safely escorted back to Provincetown.

TowBoat US Provincetown shared on their Facebook that Kelly Rowland and the other passengers “were great. Just a little shook up.”

Kelly Rowland recently reunited with Beyonce and Michelle Williams for a Super Bowl performance. Rowland is a judge for the upcoming season of “The X Factor”, and she has also recently released a new album.

Great job from the rescuers, don’t you think?


Destiny’s Child reunion at the Super Bowl


Kelly Rowland posted on her instagram: “Loving P-Town!!!!!! The happiest place on Earth!”

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Kelly Rowland was among the passengers rescued and escorted when the captain of their luxury yacht became disoriented during a whale-watching adventure.

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