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Billionaires are eyeing a new kind of luxury—submarines!

The Monaco Yacht Show is an event known to every billionaire on the planet. It is exactly the place to spot new trends and offerings for the super rich.

This year, in a addition to super yachts, luxury submarines were introduced in a big way as four makers of submersibles showcased their models.
U-Boat WorxTriton Submarines LLCSeamagine Hydrospace Corporation, and Hawkes Ocean Technologies are one in betting that billionaires are seeking to go beyond the A-list amenities on-board the super yachts.

According to bloomberg.com:

“There is a change in attitude of super-yacht owners,” said Bert Houtman, founder and chairman of the Netherlands-based U-Boat Worx, surveying two of his submarine models on display quai-side in Monaco. “They’re fed up with drinking white wine and riding jet skis so they’re looking for another thrill.”

The price range for the luxury submersibles range from $1.5 million to $4.2 million. The difference in price accounts for the variation in size and underwater range.

Some of the basic features of such a posh water vessel include capsule with panoramic views, air conditioning and sound system.

But what catches the attention of billionaires is the ability to go to greater depths, which is not accessible to most.

Now isn’t that kind of exclusive experience what luxury is all about?

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