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The Luxury Has Been Revealed: Estate of Ousted Ukrainian President Opened for Public

Ousted Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych’s estate is now open to the public for tourism. The fugitive leader evidently overflowed his life with opulent grandeur and luxury during his term, even surpassing the kind of luxury that a five- star or even seven- star hotel can offer.

According to dailymail.co.uk:

Viktor Yanukovich fled to Russia recently following one of the worst periods of violence in the country’s history and left behind a new tourist attraction – his sprawling luxury estate in Mezhyhirya, an hour’s drive from Kiev.

Visitor’s and tourists gawped at the ostentatious fine ornaments, intricate interior design, and complex structural facade of the estate where the said leader had lived in. The lavish estate, built on a 345- acre piece of land, features mind- blowing yard. One of which is a floating life-sized faux galleon on the waterfront.

Another is a petting zoo, which allegedly being funded by tax, which domesticates wildlife species like pandas, bears, and antelopes. Adding to the lavishness of the estate are a well- maintained golf course, covered tennis court, a garage with rows of luxury and classic cars and motorbikes, and a helicopter pad.

Inside the estate are luxurious furniture and gold- plated ornaments like the golden leopard in the grand living room. The living room has high- ceiling with brightly shining, dangling chandeliers made of pieces of crystals. An attention- grabbing, sweeping staircase was also a highlight of the estate, welcoming every visitor coming in from the front entrance.


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Anti-government protests in Ukraine.

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