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On the market for cool new tech items to try? Shell out a few hundreds for these 5 new luxe tech stuff

To live a life of luxury also means to have the top of the line in gadgets and technology to make life easier and more fun. With luxe tech, it is more often a matter of form over function but in this case we are not talking about those Apple gadgets dipped in gold and covered in gems.

According to the Luxury Technology Show in New York this week, there was a broad showing of big—and little—tech luxuries that could easily fit into most lifestyles and make themselves useful.

Equil Pen

We’ve all probably experienced that eureka moment when an idea pops in the head and there is nothing but a napkin to write it on. The $149 Equil Pen makes that great idea sendable and editable by working with one app for notes and another for sketches onto your iOS device or Mac.
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Aura Breathalyzer

Ever asked yourself the question “Have I had too many drinks?” The the $200 Aura Breathalyzer promotes responsible drinking while keeping things fashionable and classy. The chic silver disc displays blood alcohol content in a matter of seconds on the white OLED and the six color schemes of the light come as a plus too.
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Stellé Audio Pillar

Tired of home audio equipment that looks mundane and drap? Here is the $349 Audio Pillar from Stelle, maker of clutches. This audio pillar has a variety of designs and finishes that does not blend in the decor but adds necessary oomph to any home or office.

Peloton Bike

Can’t get to your favorite spin class? The Peloton bike worth around $2,000 is equipped with a 21.5-inch touch screen that allows you to join a class from Peloton’s New York by having the class broadcasted studio live or on demand. As a bonus, it is even possible to add friends via video chat.
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Emperor LX Chair

True to its name, the $21,000 Emperor LX Chair from MWE Lab can make anyone feel like royalty. Perfect for the workaholic kind, the Emperor LX Chair is a touch-screen-controlled workstation that can support a total of four monitors. It is also designed ergonomically with a chair complete with light therapy and ionic air filtering. For a little bit more, features such as rotating pedestal and massage can be added.
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Final Thoughts

Which of these new luxe tech is your favorite?

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