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Toyota Launches New Luxury Bike

Are you one of those bike fanatics who like to collect bikes? Well, you might want to add up Toyota’s luxury bike to your collection.

According to TheRecord.com,

Toyota Motor Corp. has released a luxury bicycle priced at 1 million yen ($10,000) under its Lexus brand and will limit sales to 100 units worldwide.


What’s more amazing is that the main components of the road bike are similar material with body of Lexus LFA, Toyota’s high-end sports car model. Japanese carmakers and German automaker are also up to putting their own luxury bicycles on the Japanese market. Toyota are also planning to improve this newest brand of bike with the help of technology and materials they used for Toyota’s car development. Well, if you are truly a racer by heart this Toyota bicycle is best for you since it is built for racing.



Final Thoughts

Amazing how Toyota has added another luxury bike intended for racing enthusiasts.

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