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Baby Sophia Rutland takes her very first luxury flight

Parents nowadays make use of social media to document their baby’s milestones. Every ‘first’ of a child is deemed important. But not every infant gets to have a “first luxury flight”. Well, nothing less could be expected for the granddaughter of F1 owner Bernie Ecclestone. Sophia Rutland was born on March 17 and has already taken her first private jet flight.

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Indeed, baby Sophia Rutland was treated to her very first flight via private jet on Tuesday, and proud parents Tamara, 29, and Jay Rutland were on hand to document the moment with a fun snap. 

The family were en route to Morocco, where socialite Tamara is shooting a new advertising campaign. 

Tamara Ecclestone took a photo of their Tuesday afternoon flight from UK and posted it on Instagram with the caption ‘Taking off.’  Two hours later, she posted a snapshot of their family of three with the caption ‘Our baby’s first flight just landed in Marrakech to shoot @ShowBeauty ad campaign She behaved like the little angel she is.’

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