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A very different kind of “doggie bag” for your posh pooch

Once upon a time, being a great pet owner meant giving your pet’s basic needs and letting them share your delicious meals by bringing home doggie bags. Nowadays, pet care is a booming business and it has taken a turn for luxury too. Canine couture is going beyond styling pet carriers and cute apparel for dogs. Italian luxury accessories retailer Forzieri and VeryFirstTo has teamed up to bring pawbags so that pooches can match their stylish owners.

According to today.com:

Just when you thought the pampered pet craze had gone too far, a luxury company has just come up with a new badge of excess: The pawbag.

Pawbags are handbags for dogs. But not just any handbag. Pawbags are miniature replicas of the four-figure, croc-skin and calf’s leather designer bags worn by their owners.

High-end clientele can choose any handbag from Forzieri and have a custom pawbag which looks exactly like it. Pawbags are not just luxurious, they are functional enough to fit some dog treats and other canine must-haves. It might cost hundreds to thousands of dollars for a custom pair of handbag-pawbag but that does not stop orders from pouring in. VeryFirstTo reports that most orders come from the U.K. and the U.S. and the most fashionable dog breeds getting pawbags are labradors, golden retrievers, dalmatians and mini schnauzers.


Le Parmentier Saffiano Leather Tote (Red) $507 or € 367


Leonardo Delfuoco Black/ Green Croc $5,119 or €3,704


Python Leather Satchel $2,742 or €1,985


Fontanelli Little Black Handbag $1,118 or €830

Photo credits: www.veryfirstto.com

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