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Tired of the same old luxury apartment buildings? How about a luxury church clock tower apartment for £1m?

The trend for luxury apartments nowadays are pretty similar, tall buildings, posh amenities, modern fixtures, etcetera. But what if you wanted something different that would stand out from the rest? Well, with £1 million in Manchester, you can get your own clock tower apartment. According to A luxury apartment inside the clock tower of a Manchester […]
Rumor has it saying Swamplot is onto something new. Are you near that place? If yes, we bet you’re gonna see this coming! According to Culture Map Houston, George Lancaster, senior vice president of corporate communications for Hines,explains that the company is taking into account the progress of a “high-end residential multifamily project” on a […]
The well known landmark used as a venue from one of Eddie Murphy’s 1988 classic Coming to America is about to be replaced by a $105 million luxury apartment complex. McDowell’s, a replica of McDonalds where the comedian’s character Prince Akeem works as a janitor was the key location of the movie. According to, […]
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